Frank Emilio Flynn

Decades: 1990s 2000s


Francisco Emilio Flynn, 13 April 1921, Havana, Cuba, d. 23 August 2001, Havana, Cuba. His father, an American of Irish descent, and his mother, a Cuban, met in the USA and settled in Havana. Emilio suffered eye injuries during his birth, and by the time he was entering his teenage years he was blind. In the interim, his mother had died and his father had returned to the USA, leaving the child to be raised by an aunt and uncle only for them to die while he was still in his teens. Despite all of these physical and emotional traumas, Emilio had begun to play piano from the age of 10, subsequently studying classical music by means of Braille scores. He reached a high standard of musical skills, becoming a teacher and radio band leader during the 30s. He played with many noted Cuban musicians, playing in several forms including some linked to jazz, notably ‘filin’ that blended the bolero with jazz.

In the 40s Emilio formed Loquibambia, a...

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