Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 2000s


Originally known as the Foresters Of Walesby, this Birmingham, England-based outfit comprised brothers Martin and Hadrian Welham and Dez Allensby (Derek Allensby); all three members were multi-instrumentalists. Formed in 1968, they enjoyed the patronage of pioneering disc jockey John Peel, who introduced the trio to the influential Blackhill agency and penned the liner notes to their 1969 debut. Forest revealed a brand of underground ‘hippie folk’, popularized by the Incredible String Band and Dr. Strangely Strange, but the set failed to reap a similar commercial success. Full Circle (1970) was a more professional and accomplished collection, but it also failed to rise above cult status. Forest split up in 1973, although all three members have continued to play music.

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