Fern Jones

Genres: Christian & Gospel
Decades: 1950s 2000s


1923, El Dorado, Arkansas, USA, d. 1996, USA. An able singer and guitarist, at the age of 14 Jones met Raymond Jones, a cook, and they married when she was 16. Becoming evangelists, they worked their way around the southern USA through the 40s and 50s and music played a large part in their services. Jones sang in a rich contralto and made some records that were sold at the shows. Jones also wrote songs, notably ‘I Was There When It Happened’, which she recorded. The song was bought by Jimmie Davis, who was thereafter credited with co-composition, and became a staple in the early repertoire of Johnny Cash.

In 1959 Jones recorded Singing A Happy Song for Dot Records but the company soon folded and the album drifted from sight. It was not until 1983 that Jones was able to recover the master tapes and it was only after her death that a reissue became possible. Apart from ‘I Was There When It Happened’ the album also included...

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