Dr. Octagon

Genres: R&B / Soul Urban
Decades Active: 1990s 2000s


Keith Thornton, New York, USA. More commonly known as Kool Keith while a member of groundbreaking New York, US rap group the Ultramagnetic MC’s, Thornton has also travelled under a variety of other pseudonyms - Dr. Dooom, Poppa Large, the Reverend Tom, Sinister 6000, Big Willie Smith and Mr. Gerbik. In the mid-90s, and now based in Los Angeles, Thornton unveiled his latest project, Dr. Octagon. In principle a band, it was effectively just his latest solo musical outlet. However, after attracting favourable reviews for his live shows, he alarmed his backers (including record label DreamWorks) by failing to appear for performances in support of Beck and refusing to answer messages. This all fuelled a reputation for esoteric behaviour that had been with him since his time in the Ultramagnetic MC’s. For example, he was said to have spent his entire five-figure advance from DreamWorks on pornography. However, he was indulged because of a precocious talent and,...

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