Dimmu Borgir

Genres: Drama Movies Heavy Metal Pop / Rock
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Decades: 1990s 2000s
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Probably the most overblown of the Norwegian black metal bands, Dimmu Borgir (‘black castle’ or ‘dark fortress’ in Icelandic) envelop their riffs and screams in layers of warm keyboards, adding classical instrumentation and ambient elements to create music that is a long way from the rawness of other contemporaries such as Immortal. The band has seen so many players from the incestuous Scandinavian black metal scene come and go that it has almost achieved the status of a collective.

The band first formed in 1993 around Erkekjetter Silenoz (guitar/vocals), Shagrath (guitar/drums/vocals) and Tjodalv (drums/guitar), with Brynjard Tristan (bass), and Stian Aarstad (keyboards) added to the line-up shortly afterwards. A single, ‘Inn I Evightens Morke’, appeared in 1994 on the Necromantic Gallery Productions label, following which a contract was signed with No Colours and the now-classic For All Tid was released....

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