Denman Maroney / Mark Dresser

Genres: Jazz
Decades: 2000s


1949, USA. Studying piano from an early age, Maroney was educated at Bennington College and Williams College, graduating BA, 1971, and at the California Institute of the Arts, MFA, 1974. A startlingly original pianist and composer, Maroney became especially well known for his work in a style that he has termed ‘hyperpiano’. He creates sound by directly vibrating the piano’s strings, using various objects, while striking notes through the keyboard. Through these simultaneous sound pulses, he is able to create polytemporal musical forms. Maroney’s groundbreaking compositions and performances, together with his involvement in multimedia concepts, led to his receiving numerous grants and appointments. These include a 1980 composition fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts, followed by a commission from the Jerome Robbins Foundation, for music for the play Electra-cution, Or You're Under Orestes, performed at the 1983 Edinburgh...

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