Dean Fraser

Genres: Reggae
Decades Active: 1990s 2000s


c.1955, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Fraser’s rich, fulsome tenor tone has helped to make him the foremost Jamaican reggae saxophonist. He first appeared on the Jamaican music scene in the mid-70s when the importance of brass in reggae bands was starting to fade. He began by playing clarinet with the National Volunteer Programme in Jonestown, where he met Ronald ‘Nambo’ Robinson and Junior ‘Chico’ Chinn, a trombonist and trumpeter. Together they would become the most well-known brass section in Jamaica during the 80s. To begin with, they played jazz and R&B standards at old people’s homes but Fraser left to join Sonny Bradshaw’s band, which played mainly jazz arrangements and provided an opportunity for young musicians to learn about the music business. Fraser first recorded with Lloyd ‘Gitsy’ Willis in 1975 and in 1977, he joined the We The People Band, led by Lloyd Parks, the singer, producer and bass player....

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