DJ Pierre

Genres: Dance
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Pierre Feroldi, 12 July 1965, USA. Beginning his DJing career in 1983, Pierre was his second choice of name after hosting a disastrous set under his original title. He would play at several early Lil’ Louis parties, before he was credited with developing acid house, alongside his collaborators Spanky and Herb J, in a Chicago basement in 1985. They had just purchased a bass machine, the Roland TB 303. Through a process of experimentation the ‘acid squelch’ sound came forth, which was recorded and passed on to DJ Ron Hardy to play at his Warehouse club. These quickly became known as Hardy’s ‘Acid Tracks’ and the term stuck. The trio then re-recorded the track (now known as ‘Acid Trax’) with Marshall Jefferson on production duties. Released under the Phuture moniker in 1987, it became a huge club hit and an anthem of the burgeoning acid house scene in the UK.

Pierre went on to form Phuture Records, started...

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