Current 93

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Current 93 - a name derived from the writings of Aleister Crowley is the brainchild of David Tibet (David Michael Bunting, 5 March 1960, Batu Gajah, Malaysia) with assistance from fellow English maverick Steve Stapleton (Nurse With Wound). Tibet launched the name in 1983 with Lashtal, an EP issued on the Belgian label, Laylah. The slow trance-like drum patterns, droning electronics and tapes of chanting formed the basis of the first two Current 93 albums. Nature Unveiled, produced by Stapleton, possessed a terrifying intensity. Taking inspiration from the work of the author William Burroughs, Tibet plundered pre-existing music, reassembling it in a ‘cut-up’ method into which he added distressing moans and screams. On Dogs Blood Rising he proved less reliant on sampling, employing treated vocals and keyboard figures to flail at the darkest side of human existence to conjure an aural hell. Perversely, the set closed with an a cappella medley of Simon And...

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