Decades: 1990s 2000s


An almost supernaturally brutal death metal band from Montreal, Canada, Cryptopsy had the distinction for some years of possessing the genre’s most deranged singer in Lord Worm, whose insane cackles, screams and gibbers lent the remarkably technical music an almost tangible air of madness. Together with Steve Thibault (guitar), Dave Galea (guitar), Kevin Weagle (bass) and Flo Mounier (drums) the band first came to prominence in 1993 with their four-song Ungentle Exhumation demo, which enabled them to sign to the Invasion label in Germany. Personnel changes saw Lord Worm, Mounier and Thibault joined by Jon Levasseur (guitar) and Martin Fercuson (bass). The first album was Blasphemy Made Flesh, a frantic record which saw plenty of approval among European metallers. Lord Worm, Mounier, Levasseur and Eric Langlois (bass) recorded 1995’s phenomenal None So Vile, an album which evidenced the band at its creative peak and attracted a whole new generation of fans...

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