Crispy Ambulance

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 2000s


Many bands tried to emulate the moody magnificence of Joy Division but few succeeded so well as fellow Mancunians Crispy Ambulance. So similar were they that vocalist Alan Hempsall stood in for Ian Curtis at a Joy Division gig when the singer was incapacitated by an epileptic attack. They were formed in Manchester in 1978 by Hempsall, Robert Davenport (guitar), Keith Darbyshire (bass) and Gary Madeley (drums) - a line-up that would remain constant throughout the band’s existence. They began by playing Hawkwind and Magazine cover versions but by 1979 the influence of their famous peers had become evident. A debut single, ‘From The Cradle To The Grave’, was released on their own Aural Assault label, and was brought to the attention of Rob Gretton, manager of Joy Division and later New Order. He arranged for their next release - the 10-inch single ‘Unsightly and Serene’ - to come out on Factory Records, while future releases such as...

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