Crazy Town

Genres: Heavy Metal
Decades: 1990s 2000s
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This Los Angeles, California, USA-based rapcore outfit was formed by rappers Shifty Shellshock (Seth Brooks Binzer, 23 August 1974, California, USA) and Epic (b. Bret Mazur, New York, USA), guitarists Rust Epique (b. 1969, d. 9 March 2004, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) and Trouble (b. Antonio Lorrenzo Valli, USA), bass player Faydoedeelay (b. Doug Miller, 2 May 1976, California, USA), drummer JBJ (b. James Bradley Jnr., USA), and DJ A.M. (b. Adam Goldstein, USA). Mazur had worked as a producer on the underground scene for almost a decade, and originally teamed up with Binzer in the Brimstone Sluggers, while Bradley’s touring and recording credits include sessions with the Beastie Boys, Anita Baker and Chuck Mangione. Their 1999 debut The Gift Of Game marked them out as one of the few acts to emerge from the metal/hip-hop crossover scene to actually sound more convincing as rappers than rockers, with stand-out tracks including ‘B-Boy 2000’, featuring rap...

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