Cousin Emmy

Genres: Folk
Decades: 2000s


Cynthia May Carver, 1903, Lamb, near Glasgow, Kentucky, USA, d. 11 April 1980, Sherman Oaks, California, USA. The eighth child of a struggling sharecropper, Carver received little education but later joked, ‘I ain’t educated but I’m sincere’. She began her career playing five-string banjo with her cousins, Bozo and Warner Carver, on WHB Kansas City. In 1935, by then playing 15 musical instruments, Cousin Emmy was a featured act with Frankie More’s Log Cabin Boys, on WHAS Louisville. Her stage dress was a baggy gingham dress, white stockings and ankle boots and platinum blond hair, held in place by bright coloured ribbons. In 1937, she moved to WWVA Wheeling, West Virginia, where she met Grandpa Jones and seemingly tutored him on five-string banjo. In 1938, she returned to WHAS Louisville, playing daily shows and touring with her band, Her Kin Folks. During the next few years, popular wherever she went, Cousin Emmy alternated between WHAS...

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