Cool Nutz

Genres: Urban
Decades: 2000s


Shawn Thomas, California, USA. Rising to prominence as part of the US west coast rap scene, in the wake of Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg’s massive commercial success, C-BO (short for cowboy) has carved quite a niche for himself over the years, despite numerous run-ins with the law. Raised in the tough south side of Sacramento, California, it was not long before C-BO began perfecting his rhyming skills, but also, running with gangs and selling drugs. As a result, he found himself locked up in a Soledad prison for his extracurricular activities. After his release, the rapper signed a solo recording contract with AWOL Records, and worked with renowned artists, including 2Pac, E-40, Jayo Felony, South Central Cartel, and the Outlawz. The lyrics of his 1993 debut, Gas Chamber, pulled no punches and marked C-BO out as one of the west coast scene’s most forthright and hardcore MCs. He also quickly became one of rap’s most prolific artists, averaging at least...

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