Cody Chesnutt

Genres: R&B / Soul
Decades: 2000s


1968, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Although frequently classed as either a black rock artist or a neo-soul singer, the music of the free-spirited Cody Chesnutt (usually written ChesnuTT) is not easy to categorise or pin down. ChesnuTT grew up in Atlanta but left for Los Angeles in the mid-90s, leaving behind a burgeoning urban scene to attempt to forge a new musical direction unrestricted by black stereotypes. He began performing as a guitarist with the ‘rhythm and rock’ band Crosswalk, who began to make an impact on the west coast scene with their spirited fusion of soul, funk, and Britrock. A recording contract with Hollywood Records followed, but after completing the recording of their debut Venus Loves A Melody the band fell foul of label machinations and the album was never released.

ChesnuTT retreated to his bedroom studio, the Sonic Promiseland, and set about recording new material, utilising a four-track machine and one microphone...

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