Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 2000s


Borne out of a 2004 San Francisco recording project undertaken by Ezra Feinberg (5 November 1976, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals) and Tim Green (b. 15 August 1970, Washington, DC, USA; guitar/keyboards). The former also played with Piano Magic, while the latter was a member of the deeply contrasting, volatile pseudo-metal act, the Fucking Champs. Citay soon found themselves part of the early twenty-first century, Californian alternative folk scene alongside artists such as Brightblack Morning Light and Vetiver. Championed by local publications such as the influential magazine Arthur, the duo purveyed a similar brand of acid-tinged psych-folk to that of Greg Weeks’ Espers. In contrast to the Philadelphian ensemble, many classic rock motifs were evident on 2006’s Citay, of which the counter melodic guitars and electric coda of ‘Nice Cuffs’ were prime examples. On tracks such as ‘Shalom Of Safed’, which...

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