Cisco Houston

Genres: Folk
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Gilbert Vandine Houston, 18 August 1918, Wilmington, Delaware, USA, d. 25 April 1961, San Bernadino, California, USA. This folk singer is best remembered for his work as a travelling companion for Woody Guthrie, although his own recordings form a vital part of the folk revival of the 50s. Houston’s family moved to California in 1919. where he showed an early interest in the theatre. Having spent his early years in a variety of simple jobs, he found himself, like many others in the 30s, unemployed. He left home with his brother to travel across America in pursuit of work, renaming himself Cisco after a small town near Sacramento. Houston wanted to become a comedian, but obtained only secondary roles in a few Hollywood movies. He subsequently became involved in theatre work and a number of folk festivals, as well as union meetings and political gatherings, and travelled with Guthrie and actor Will Geer. In 1940 Houston joined the US merchant marines with Guthrie...

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