Charlotte Hatherley

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades Active: 2000s


20 June 1979, London, England. Hatherley began her music career in 1995 as the 16-year old guitarist with UK punk band Nightnurse. Members of the established Irish indie trio Ash spotted her at a Nightnurse gig and promptly asked her to join them. Hatherley was still completing her A-levels when she made her live debut with Ash in August 1997. Her inventive guitar work was instrumental in helping the band develop their sound in the late 90s and early 00s. Hatherley spent seven years playing guitar with Ash, during which time she released her debut solo album. Grey Will Fade, named after one of a handful of songs she had contributed to the Ash discography, was released in late 2004. The album drew obvious inspiration from Ash’s fiery guitar rock and featured some delicious melodies, notably on ‘Kim Wilde’, ‘Summer’ and ‘Bastardo’.

The positive reaction afforded her debut prompted Hatherley to leave Ash at the...

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