Burning Witch

Genres: Heavy Metal
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Credited with creating one of the darkest, bleakest soundscapes ever to be released, this US doom metal band’s combination of tortured vocals, ultra-slow tempos and feedback drenched riffs combine to produce a thoroughly uncomfortable yet mesmerising affair. The band was formed by Stephen O’Malley (guitar), Greg Anderson (guitar) and Jamie Sykes (drums), who had all previously played together in Thorr’s Hammer. The trio then added Stuart Dahlquist (bass) and Edgy 59 (vocals) to the line-up and began rehearsing. Anderson subsequently left to join Goatsnake. In 1996, the band recorded Towers in Seattle with producer Steve Albini. The Rift Canyon Dreams demo followed with Sykes temporarily replaced by B.R.A.D. and Aaron Evil employed as producer. A period of inactivity ensued after this as the band searched for a label to release their material. Towers eventually surfaced as a vinyl only release in 1998 on Slap-A-Ham, although by that point both...

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