Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Bratmobile, comprising Erin Smith (guitar), Molly Neuman (Washington, DC, USA; drums) and Allison Wolfe (b. 9 November 1969, Memphis, Tennessee, USA; vocals), was formed by a trio of veteran US fanzine producers in the early 90s. The female members had previously published Girl Germs, a pioneering organ that helped to spearhead the Riot Grrrl movement, while the Washington-based Smith edited the alternative television journal Teenage Gang Debs. They played their first shows together in 1991, debuting at K Records’ International Pop Underground convention in Olympia, Washington, USA, preferring to work without a bass player. Their earliest releases included ‘Girl Germs’, featured on the Kill Rock Stars compilation album of 1991, and ‘Cool Schmool’, half of a split single recorded with Heavens To Betsy. Their first single on their own was 1992’s ‘Kiss & Ride’, paired with ‘No You Don’t’ and...

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