Bobbe Norris

Genres: Vocals
Decades Active: 1960s 1980s 1990s 2000s


Barbara Norris, 26 June 1939, San Francisco, California, USA. Raised in Marin County in a musical Croatian family, Norris attended Drake High School, singing all through high school in school functions. From the age of 12, she sang at shopping centre openings around the San Francisco Bay Area with dixieland bands, including those led by Lee Crosby and Dick Stewart. She often sat in at Bop City, one of San Francisco’s leading jazz clubs. She began her professional career singing in restaurants and clubs in Sausalito, California, and worked in San Francisco in the late 50s and early 60s. During this period, she was also secretary to the Kingston Trio. In the mid-60s, Norris moved to New York where she was signed to Columbia Records by John Hammond Jnr. , subsequently performing at the Persian Room of New York’s Plaza Hotel and in Las Vegas at The Sands Hotel with the Buddy Rich band. She also appeared on television prestigious shows including those hosted...

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