Ben Weaver

Genres: Folk
Decades Active: 1990s 2000s


Eugene, Oregon, USA. US singer-songwriter and guitarist Weaver has attracted a cult following over the course of several independently released albums, although as with his friend and fellow folk artist Greg Brown his literate take on the folk tradition is unlikely to trouble the mainstream.

Weaver grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota and early on knew he was destined to escape the restrictions of small-town America. Shaking off an early infatuation with skate punk he discovered Leonard Cohen and began to focus on emulating the great Canadian’s world-weary songwriting style. He abandoned Hampshire College in Amherst after a year to go travelling, and ended up spending four months at sea with a family friend. The experience helped his development as a songwriter, with the songs on his 1999 debut El Camino Blues taking shape during Weaver’s time at sea, and the album itself was recorded in his mother’s living room with support from...

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