Barbara Manning

Decades: 1990s 2000s


San Diego, California, USA. Manning was in 28th Day, a critically adored folk rock band based in Chico, California, USA. She enrolled at Chico State College at the age of 16, and met Cole Marquis at a piano lesson, subsequently forming 28th Day with drummer Mike Cloward. Although they recorded only one mini-album, released in 1985, 28th Day are fondly remembered throughout California. Manning moved to San Francisco in June 1986, and her debut solo album, a collection of deceptively simple folk tunes, saw her playing cello, bass and guitar. One song took the form of a musical fan letter to Brix and Mark E. Smith of the Fall. By now Manning had outgrown psychedelic folk rock and so formed Wednesday Morning, 3.00 AM, with Brandan Kearney; Kearney played clarinet and Manning cello. They soon became World Of Pooh whose debut album featured a memorable rewrite of ‘Lately I Keep Scissors’ from her solo debut. Tours with Sonic Youth, Blake Babies and Yo La Tengo...

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