Genres: Electronic & Ambient
Decades: 1990s


Formed in England in the mid-90s, ‘future-dance trio’ Arkarna comprised Ollie Jacobs, James Barnett and Lalo Creme. Jacobs, the group’s programmer and vocalist, was by this time already an established studio hand, having worked as an engineer and producer in his father’s London studios, Rollover, from the age of 14. As a result, by the time he started the group, he had already mixed for artists ranging from Dread Zone and Leftfield to Deep Forest. However, Jacobs was not the only member of the band with ‘connections’. Acoustic guitarist and backing vocalist Barnett was formerly a member of Lunarci, who recorded for Big Life Records and regularly appeared on the Megadog club scene. Lalo Creme, meanwhile, the final member to join the group, is the son of Lol Creme, of Godley And Creme fame. After playing guitar for a series of Trevor Horn sessions, he was directed to Rollover Studios where Jacobs and Barnett were in the process of...

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