Ann Savoy

Genres: Cajun & Zydeco
Decades Active: 2000s


Ann Allen, 20 January 1952, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Raised in Richmond, Virginia, Savoy began playing guitar at the age of 12. She studied French at college and then in Switzerland. Back in the USA, she pursued the language through study of Cajun culture. In 1975 she met Marc Savoy at the National Folk Festival in Washington, DC, and the following year they married and from 1977 played together as a duo. The Savoys have two sons, Joel and Wilson, and two daughters, Sarah and Gable, all of whom are musical.

The projects that Savoy has been involved with include, the Magnolia Sisters, the Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band (with her husband and Michael Doucet), the Savoy-Smith Band (alongside fiddler Ken Smith), and the Savoy Family Band (comprising the Savoys with their sons and daughter Sarah). She has also recorded the Grammy-nominated Adieu False Heart with Linda Ronstadt, calling themselves the Zozo Sisters. Savoy is also a producer for Vanguard...

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