Genres: Heavy Metal
Decades Active: 1980s 1990s 2000s


A formative influence on Sepultura’s Max Cavalera, Amebix, despite their relatively low profile, were instrumental in the development of the ‘crust’ sound which blended elements of metal, hardcore and punk with uncompromising political lyrics, doomy portents and a commitment to an underground lifestyle that eschewed comforts in favour of squatting and drug and alcohol abuse.

Formed in Devon, England, in 1978 and originally called the Band With No Name, the earliest line-up comprised vocalist The Baron (who later took over on bass), his brother Stig (guitar), Andy Billy Jug (drums), and Clive (bass). Changing their name to Amebix the band managed to have a track included on the Bullshit Detector compilation and be bottled of stage all around Devon. They recruited new drummer Martin and repaired to his parents’ manor house on Dartmoor, for which his aggrieved parents subsequently sought psychological help for their son....

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