Alien Sex Fiend

Genres: Pop / Rock
Tags: deathrock post-punk batcave gothic goth gothic rock industrial Powered by AudioScrobbler
Decades: 1980s 1990s 2000s
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Essentially an alias for the eccentric Nick Wade, Alien Sex Fiend emerged as part of the early 80s gothic punk movement in the UK centred around London’s Batcave venue. Wade previously served time with obscure acts such as the Earwigs and Mr. And Mrs. Demeanour, before releasing two singles as Demon Preacher. This was shortened to the Demons for a third single, but like its predecessors, it vanished without trace. After various short-lived projects, Wade eventually stumbled upon his long-term guise, Alien Sex Fiend, in 1982, aided by David James (guitar), partner Christine Wade (synthesizer) and Johnny ‘Ha Ha’ Freshwater (drums). On the strength of a nine-track demo tape, the band played the Batcave at the end of the year. Live tracks were added to the tape and released as the cassette-only release The Lewd, The Mad, The Ugly And Old Nik, before signing with Cherry Red Records subsidiary, Anagram.

Wade, whose stage image of...

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