Al Morgan


Albert Morgan, 19 August 1908, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, d. 14 April 1974, Los Angeles, California, USA. The youngest of four Morgan brothers who all became professional musicians, he first played clarinet and drums before settling on the bass. Among his early engagements was one with his band leading brother Isaiah (b. 7 April 1897, d. 11 May 1966), but he never worked with his more famous brother, Sam Morgan). He also played with Lee Collins and Davey Jones, and spent some time on riverboats under the leadership of Fate Marable. At the end of the 20s he went to New York where he recorded with Fats Waller, continuing to gig in the city for the next few years. During this period he played on the justly celebrated sides recorded by an all-star group under the nominal leadership of Billy Banks. The same year, 1932, he joined Cab Calloway, making records and films, then settled in Los Angeles where he played in bands led by Eddie Barefield and Les Hite and he also...

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