A.L. Lloyd

Genres: World
Decades: 1950s 1960s 1970s 1990s 2000s


Albert Lancaster Lloyd, 29 February 1908, London, England, d. 29 September 1982, Greenwich, London, England. Bert Lloyd was one of the prime movers of the 50s folk song revival in Britain. After spending time in Australia as a teenager, where his interest in folk song developed, he returned to England and pursued his passion. He had collected some 500 songs by 1935 and was determined to study and conduct research into folk music. In 1937, he sailed to Antarctica with a whaling fleet, adding further songs to his repertoire. On his return he joined BBC Radio as a scriptwriter. During the 40s he wrote The Singing Englishman, the first general book on folk song since Cecil Sharp’s Morris Books series in the first decade of the century. He also compiled The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs with the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

By the 50s, Lloyd was a full-time folklorist, making several field trips to record material in Bulgaria and...

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