A.J. Croce

Genres: Blues Pop / Rock
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Adrian James Croce, 28 September 1971, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA. Croce’s parents were singer Ingrid and singer-songwriter Jim Croce. The latter had several highly successful singles and albums before dying in a plane crash in 1973. Around the time of his father’s death, the small boy was diagnosed with a brain tumour that effectively blinded him. Slowly, he regained some sight in one eye although little further improvement occurred after he reached the age of 10. Meanwhile, raised in San Diego, California, by his mother, he had learned to play piano. He began performing at neighbourhood bars and writing his own songs.

Croce spent some time in London, playing piano in pubs and clubs, and launched his recording career in 1993 with the Ray Charles -influenced A.J. Croce. In 1998, while working on his third album Fit To Serve, he severely damaged his vocal cords and his career was under threat. Over the next year or so, he recovered...

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