Pete Seeger Songs List

Bread & Roses: Festival of Acoustic Music - Greek
Released in 1990
$10.56 Super Savings
List Price: $11.98

Pete Seeger also appears in this compilation

Headlines and Footnotes: Collection of Topical
Released in 1999
$15.28 on SALE
List Price: $16.98
American Favorite Ballads, Vols. 1-5 (5-CD Box
Released in 2009
$35.46 Super Savings
List Price: $42.98

Rolling Stone: 4.5 stars out of 5 -- "[Seeger] invests each tune with his cheeky spirit....Seeger steps aside and lets the songs shine."

  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • $0.99 on iTunes1.John Henry [I'm Gonna Die with a Hammer in My Hand] [John Henry Blues] [Steel Driving Man] [Death of John Henry]
  • $0.99 on iTunes2.Shenandoah [the Rolling River] [the Wide Missouri]
  • $0.99 on iTunes3.Blue-Tailed Fly (Jimmie Crack Corn)
  • $0.99 on iTunes4.Black Girl [in the Pines] [Where Did You Sleep Last Night?]
  • $0.99 on iTunes5.Skip to My Lou
  • $0.99 on iTunes6.The Big Rock Candy Mountain
  • $0.99 on iTunes7.Clementine [Darling Clementine] [My Darling Clementine] [Oh, My Darling Clementine]
  • $0.99 on iTunes8.Yankee Doodle
  • $0.99 on iTunes9.Home on the Range
  • $0.99 on iTunes10.John Brown's Body
  • $0.99 on iTunes11.Goodnight, Irene [Irene, Goodnight]
  • $0.99 on iTunes12.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  • $0.99 on iTunes13.Oh, Susanna
  • $0.99 on iTunes14.Wayfaring Stranger [the Wayfaring Pilgrim] [I'm a Poor Wayfaring Stranger] [Over Jordan] [Poor Wayfaring Stranger]
  • $0.99 on iTunes15.Oh, Mary, Don't You Weep [Mary, Don't You Weep]
  • $0.99 on iTunes16.Down in the Valley [Birmingham Jail] [Little Willie] [Bird in a Cage]
  • $0.99 on iTunes17.The Wabash Cannon Ball
  • $0.99 on iTunes18.On Top of Old Smoky
  • $0.99 on iTunes19.Frankie and Johnny [Frankie] [Frankie and Albert] [Frankie Baker] [Little Frankie] [Frankie's Gamblin' Man]
  • $0.99 on iTunes20.I Ride an Old Paint
  • $0.99 on iTunes21.The Wreck of the Old 97
  • $0.99 on iTunes22.Wagoner's Lad [My Horses Ain't Hungry] [Drunken Hiccups] [Lovin' Nancy] [Fare You Well, Polly]
  • $0.99 on iTunes23.Old Dan Tucker
  • $0.99 on iTunes24.I've Been Working on the Railroad [Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah] [Dinah] [Levee Song] [Workin' on the Line] [the
  • $0.99 on iTunes25.Cielito Lindo
  • $0.99 on iTunes26.So Long, It's Been Good to Know You (Dusty Old Dust)
  • $0.99 on iTunes27.America the Beautiful
  • $0.99 on iTunes28.This Land Is Your Land - (previously unreleased)
  • Tracks of Disc 2
  • $0.99 on iTunes1.Barbara Allen [Barb'ry Ellen] [Barbara Ellen]
  • $0.99 on iTunes2.Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn [A Lazy Farmer Boy] [Lazy Man] [the Young Man Who Wouldn't Raise Corn]
  • $0.99 on iTunes3.Midnight Special
  • $0.99 on iTunes4.House of the Rising Sun [Rising Sun Blues] [Rounder's Luck]
  • $0.99 on iTunes5.Careless Love [Careless Blues] [Loveless Love] [Reckless Love]
  • $0.99 on iTunes6.Oh, What a Beautiful City
  • $0.99 on iTunes7.Poor Boy [Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot (Or Feet)?] [Green Valley Waltz] [Storms Are on the Ocean]
  • $0.99 on iTunes8.Sally Ann [Sandy Land]
  • $0.99 on iTunes9.The Riddle Song [I Gave My Love a Cherry] [Captain Walker's Courtship]
  • $0.99 on iTunes10.Go Tell Aunt Rhody [the Old Gray Goose] [the Old Grey Goose Is Dead] [Go Tell Aunt Tabby] [Go Tell Aunt Nancy]
  • $0.99 on iTunes11.The Water Is Wide [Waly, Waly] [the Brisk Young Lover] [Down in the Meadow]
  • $0.99 on iTunes12.The Fox [the Fox and His Wife] [the Fox and the Grey Goose] [Old Miss Flipper Flopper]
  • $0.99 on iTunes13.The Keeper and the Doe [the Keeper] [Hey Down, Hoe Down]
  • $0.99 on iTunes14.Pretty Polly [the Gosport Tragedy] [the Cruel Ship's Carpenter] [the Ship Carpenter] [the Ghost Ship]
  • $0.99 on iTunes15.Jesse James [the Death of Jesse James] [the Life and Death of Jesse James]
  • $0.99 on iTunes16.Stagolee [Stackolee] [Stagger Lee] [Stack Lee]
  • $0.99 on iTunes17.Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair [Black, Black, Black]
  • $0.99 on iTunes18.Camptown Races [Gwine to Run All Night]
  • $0.99 on iTunes19.Blow the Man Down
  • $0.99 on iTunes20.Froggie Went a Courtin' [the Frog and Mouse] [the Frog He Would a Wooing Go] [the Frog's Courtship] [King Kong Kitchie K
  • $0.99 on iTunes21.I Had a Rooster (Barnyard Song) [the Barnyard Song] [My Little Rooster] [I Love My Rooster] [Green Berry Tree]
  • $0.99 on iTunes22.Putting on the Style
  • $0.99 on iTunes23.The Farmer's Curst Wife [the Farmer's Old Wife] [the Devil and the Farmer's Wife] [the Old Lady and the Devil]
  • $0.99 on iTunes24.Hard Travelin'
  • $0.99 on iTunes25.Alabama Bound [Don't You Leave Me Here]
  • $0.99 on iTunes26.Wimoweh [the Lion Sleeps Tonight]
  • $0.99 on iTunes27.Dink's Song [Dink's Blues] [Nora's Dove] [Fare Thee Well]
  • Tracks of Disc 3
  • $0.99 on iTunes1.Gypsy Davy [Raggle-Taggle Gypsies] [the Gypsy Laddie] [Whistling Gypsy] [Black Jack Davy (Davie)]
  • $0.99 on iTunes2.Deep Blue Sea
  • $0.99 on iTunes3.New River Train [Darlin'] [I'll Be on That New Road Someday] [Green River Train] [Riding on That New River Train]
  • $0.99 on iTunes4.St. James Hospital [the Unfortunate Rake] [Gambler's Blues] [Streets of Laredo]
  • $0.99 on iTunes5.E-Ri-E Canal [Erie Canal] [the E-Ri-E Was Rising] [the Canal Boat Song]
  • $0.99 on iTunes6.St. Louis Blues
  • $0.99 on iTunes7.Boll Weevil [Boll Weevil Song] [Boll Weevil Blues] [Mississippi Boweavil Blues] [Boll Weevil and Farmer] [Looking for a
  • $0.99 on iTunes8.The Girl I Left Behind [Brighton Camp] [Regimental Song of the 7th Infantry] [the Gal I Left Behind Me] [That Pretty Little
  • $0.99 on iTunes9.When I First Came to This Land
  • $0.99 on iTunes10.The Titanic [When That Great Ship Went Down] [the Sinking of the Titanic] [the Great Titanic]
  • $0.99 on iTunes11.El-A-Noy [Illinois] [the Plains of Illinois] [the State of Illinois] [State of El-A-Noy]
  • $0.99 on iTunes12.Lady of Carlysle [in Carlysle There Lived a Lady] [the Bold Lieutenant] [Down in Carlisle]
  • $0.99 on iTunes13.My Good Man [My Good Old Man] [Three Nights Drunk] [Four Nights Drunk] [Seven Nights Drunk] [Drunkard's Sp
  • $0.99 on iTunes14.Golden Vanity [the Lowlands Low] [the Lonesome Sea Ballad] [the Sweet Trinity]
  • $0.99 on iTunes15.Ain't It a Shame [Ain't Dat a Shame] [Bill Bailey, Ain't That a Shame]
  • $0.99 on iTunes16.Swanee River [Way Down Upon the Swanee River]
  • $0.99 on iTunes17.Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child [Motherless Child]
  • $0.99 on iTunes18.The Boys from County Mayo [Shamrock]
  • $0.99 on iTunes19.No Irish Need Apply
  • $0.99 on iTunes20.Paddy Works on the Railroad [Fillimeeooreay] [Pat Works on the Railway] [Paddy Works on the Railway] [Paddy on the Railw
  • $0.99 on iTunes21.Arkansas Traveler [Arkansaw Traveler] [the Original Arkansas Traveler]
  • $0.99 on iTunes22.When I Was Single [When I Was Single, My Pockets Would Jingle] [I Wish I Was Single Again] [Single Girl] [the Drunkard's
  • $0.99 on iTunes23.Wond'rous Love
  • $0.99 on iTunes24.Ground Hog [Groun' Hog] [Old Ground Hog]
  • $0.99 on iTunes25.Old Blue [Go on Blue] [Old Dog Blue]
  • $0.99 on iTunes26.She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain
  • $0.99 on iTunes27.Erie Canal [My Gal Sal] [Low Bridge] [Everybody Down] [Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal] [Fifteen Years on the Erie Canal
  • Tracks of Disc 4
  • $0.99 on iTunes1.Banks of the Ohio [the Banks of the O. B. D.] [Down Beside the Ohio] [Down on the Banks of the Ohio] [Miss Julie]
  • $0.99 on iTunes2.You Are My Sunshine
  • $0.99 on iTunes3.Hallelujah, I'm a Bum [Hallelujah, Bum Again] [Hallelujah on the Bum]
  • $0.99 on iTunes4.The Foggy Dew [the Foggy, Foggy Dew] [the Bugaboo]
  • $0.99 on iTunes5.Molly Malone [in Dublin's Fair City]
  • $0.99 on iTunes6.Old Maid's Song [Take Me out of Pity] [Don't Let Me Die an Old Maid] [the Black Chimney Sweeper]
  • $0.99 on iTunes7.Oh, How He Lied [the Deceiver] [He Told Her He Loved Her] [the Villain and the Maiden]
  • $0.99 on iTunes8.Where the Old Allegheny and the Monongahela Flow
  • $0.99 on iTunes9.Leatherwing Bat [the Bird Song] [the Birds' Courting Song] [the Birds' Conversation]
  • $0.99 on iTunes10.Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier [Shule Aroon] [Shule Agrah] [Buttermilk Hill]
  • $0.99 on iTunes11.Farther Along
  • $0.99 on iTunes12.Go Down, Moses
  • $0.99 on iTunes13.All My Trials
  • $0.99 on iTunes14.Monsieur Banjo [Michie Banjo] [Mister Banjo] [Mister Banjo - Look at the Dandy]
  • $0.99 on iTunes15.No More Auction Block [Many Thousand Go]
  • $0.99 on iTunes16.Hole in the Bucket [the Bucket Song] [Jug Hot en Loch, Der] [Leiwer Heindrich]
  • $0.99 on iTunes17.What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor [the Drunken Sailor] (Early in the Morning) [Hooray an' Up She Rises]
  • $0.99 on iTunes18.Army Life [Gee, But I Want to Go Home] [I Don't Want No More Army]
  • $0.99 on iTunes19.Blue Mountain Lake [the Bells of Long Lake] [Come All Ye Good Fellers]
  • $0.99 on iTunes20.Lady Margaret [Lady Margaret and Sweet William] [Fair Margaret and Sweet William] [Fair Margaret's Misfortune]
  • $0.99 on iTunes21.John Hardy [Johnny Hard] [John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man] [Johnny Harty]
  • $0.99 on iTunes22.Johnson [the Three Butchers] [the Two Butchers] [Young Butcher Boy]
  • $0.99 on iTunes23.John Riley [Pretty Fair Maid] [the Broken Token] [as I Walked out Some Summer's Morning]
  • $0.99 on iTunes24.Washer Lad [Four Pence a Day]
  • $0.99 on iTunes25.Talking Blues [the Original Talking Blues]
  • $0.99 on iTunes26.Lolly Too Dum [the Fit Comes on Me Now] [I Must and I Will Get Married Now]
  • $0.99 on iTunes27.T. B. Blues
  • $0.99 on iTunes28.Summertime [Summertime an' the Livin' Is Easy]
  • Tracks of Disc 5
  • $0.99 on iTunes1.Trail to Mexico [Following the Cow Trail]
  • $0.99 on iTunes2.Red River Valley
  • $0.99 on iTunes3.Old Joe Clark [Joe Clarke] [Ole Joe Clark]
  • $0.99 on iTunes4.St. James Infirmary [the Unfortunate Rake] [St. James Hospital] [Gambler's Blues] [Those Gambler's Blues]
  • $0.99 on iTunes5.Green County Bachelor [Starving to Death on My Government Claim] [Lane County Bachelor]
  • $0.99 on iTunes6.Ox Driver's Song [Ox Driving Song-Pop My Whip]
  • $0.99 on iTunes7.Buffalo Gals
  • $0.99 on iTunes8.Joe Bowers [the Disappointment of Joe Bowers] [When I Struck Muskoka]
  • $0.99 on iTunes9.Texian Boys
  • $0.99 on iTunes10.My Sweetheart Is a Mule in the Mines
  • $0.99 on iTunes11.Johnny Gray [Peter Gray] [Ballad of Peter Gray] [Blow Ye Winds of Morning]
  • $0.99 on iTunes12.Cowboy Yodel
  • $0.99 on iTunes13.Sioux Indians
  • $0.99 on iTunes14.Ida Red
  • $0.99 on iTunes15.Holler
  • $0.99 on iTunes16.Cumberland Gap
  • $0.99 on iTunes17.Wake Up, Jacob [Cowboy's Gettin'-Up Holler] [Morning Grub Holler]
  • $0.99 on iTunes18.Sweet Betsy from Pike [Betsy from Pike]
  • $0.99 on iTunes19.Buffalo Skinners [the Buffalo Range] [the Range of the Buffalo] [Boggy Creek]
  • $0.99 on iTunes20.Whiskey, Rye Whiskey [Jack O'Diamonds] [Clinch Mountain]
  • $0.99 on iTunes21.Stewball [Skewball] [Molly and Tenbrooks] [Stuball]
  • $0.99 on iTunes22.Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo, Get Along, Little Dogies [Git Along, Little Dogies]
  • $0.99 on iTunes23.Strawberry Roan - (previously unreleased)
  • $0.99 on iTunes24.Jay Gould's Daughter [Kassie Jones]
  • $0.99 on iTunes25.Play-Party
  • $0.99 on iTunes26.I Never Will Marry [the Damsel's Lament] [Down by the Sea-Shore] [One Day as I Rambled]
  • $0.99 on iTunes27.Riflemen of Bennington [the Bennington Riflemen]
  • $0.99 on iTunes28.Kingdom Coming (Year of Jubilo) [the Year of Jubilo] [Jubilo] [Lincoln's Gunboats]
  • $0.99 on iTunes29.Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase [Bear Hunt] [Bear Chase]
  • Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes
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