Jean Shepard Songs List

15 Gospel Hits
Released in 2005
$4.03 PRE-SALE
List Price: $4.98
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • Buy for $0.991.In the Garden - Tommy Overstreet
  • Buy for $0.992.Old Country Church - Jean Shepard
  • Buy for $0.993.Holy, Holy, Holy - Tommy Overstreet
  • Buy for $0.994.Old Rugged Cross - Jean Shepard
  • Buy for $0.995.Rock of Ages - Tommy Overstreet
  • Buy for $0.996.Precious Memories - Jean Shepard
  • Buy for $0.997.Blessed Assurance - Tommy Overstreet
  • Buy for $0.998.What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Jean Shepard
  • Buy for $0.999.Battle Hymn of the Republic - Tommy Overstreet
  • Buy for $0.9910.When God Dips His Pen of Love into My Heart - Jean Shepard
  • Buy for $0.9911.Have Thine Own Way - Tommy Overstreet
  • Buy for $0.9912.Crying Holy - Jean Shepard
  • Buy for $0.9913.When They Ring Those Golden Bells - Tommy Overstreet
  • Buy for $0.9914.Amazing Grace - Jean Shepard
  • Buy for $0.9915.Leaning on the Everlasting Arms - Tommy Overstreet
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Best of the Best
Released in 2004
$6.46 PRE-SALE
List Price: $7.98
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • Buy for $0.991.Dear John Letter, A - (with Ferlin Husky)
  • Buy for $0.992.Satisfied Mind
  • Buy for $0.993.Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)
  • Buy for $0.994.Many Happy Hangovers to You
  • Buy for $0.995.Keys in the Mailbox
  • Buy for $0.996.Two of Us
  • Buy for $0.997.Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me
  • Buy for $0.998.Jackson - (with Red Sovine)
  • Buy for $0.999.Two Little Boys
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Beautiful Lies: The Early Years [ORIGINAL
Released in 2009
List Price: $17.98
Out of Print
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • Buy for $0.991.Crying Steel Guitar
  • Buy for $0.992.Id Rather Die Young
  • Buy for $0.993.My Wedding Ring
  • Buy for $0.994.Why Did You Wait?
  • Buy for $0.995.The Mysteries of Life
  • Buy for $0.996.Two Whoops and A Holler
  • Buy for $0.997.A Satisfied Mind
  • Buy for $0.998.Beautiful Lies
  • Buy for $0.999.Youre Calling Me Sweetheart Again
  • Buy for $0.9910.Girls In Disgrace
  • Buy for $0.9911.Over and Over
  • Buy for $0.9912.Tell Me What I Want To Hear
  • Buy for $0.9913.Shadows On The Wall
  • Buy for $0.9914.Ill Thank You All My Life
  • Buy for $0.9915.I Learned It All From You
  • Buy for $0.9916.Hello Old Broken Heart
  • Buy for $0.9917.Sad Singin and Slow Ridin
  • Buy for $0.9918.Its Hard To Tell The Married From The Free
  • Buy for $0.9919.Did I Turn Down A Better Deal
  • Buy for $0.9920.A Passing Love Affair
  • Buy for $0.9921.I Married You For Love
  • Buy for $0.9922.Under Suspicion
  • Buy for $0.9923.The Other Woman
  • Buy for $0.9924.Act Like A Married Man
  • Buy for $0.9925.The Weak and The Strong
  • Buy for $0.9926.Youd Better Go
  • Buy for $0.9927.A Thief In The Night
  • Buy for $0.9928.Memory
  • Buy for $0.9929.I Love You Because
  • Buy for $0.9930.You Win Again
  • Buy for $0.9931.You Cant Break The Chains of Love
  • Buy for $0.9932.Sweet Temptation
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Inside The Music: Classic Country (DVD-A)
Released in 2003
$4.78 PRE-SALE
List Price: $19.98
Jean Shepard also appears in this Compilation
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 3.Slippin' Away
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32 Country Gospel Favorites (2-CD)
Released in 2005
$15.28 PRE-SALE
List Price: $19.98
Jean Shepard also appears in this Compilation
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 8.It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
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The Melody Ranch Girl (5-CD)
Released in 1996
$158.75 PRE-SALE
List Price: $195.99
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.Twice the Lovin' (In Half the Time)
  • 2.Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
  • 3.Keep It a Secret
  • 4.Nobody Else Can Love You Like I Do
  • 5.I'd Rather Die Young
  • 6.A Dear John Letter
  • 7.My Wedding Ring
  • 8.With All These Memories
  • 9.Forgive Me, John
  • 10.Why Did You Wait
  • 11.Why Did You Wait
  • 12.You'll Come Crawlin'
  • 13.The Mysteries of Life
  • 14.Let's Kiss and Try Again
  • 15.The Glass That Stands Beside You
  • 16.Two Whoops and a Holler
  • 17.Don't Fall in Love With a Married Man
  • 18.What'll You Have
  • 19.It Tickles
  • 20.Please Don't Divorce Me
  • 21.Did You Tell Her About Me
  • 22.Don't Rush Me
  • 23.You Sent Her an Orchid (You Sent Me a Rose)
  • 24.Take Possession
  • 25.A Satisfied Mind
  • 26.Beautiful Lies
  • 27.I Thought of You
  • Tracks of Disc 2
  • 1.You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again
  • 2.He Loved Me Once and He'll Love Me Again
  • 3.Girls in Disgrace
  • 4.This Has Been Your Life
  • 5.Just Give Me Love
  • 6.Thank You Just the Same
  • 7.Over and Over
  • 8.Tell Me What I Want to Hear
  • 9.Shadows on the Wall
  • 10.I'll Thank You All My Life
  • 11.I Learned It All from You
  • 12.Hello Old Broken Heart
  • 13.Sad Singin' and Slow Ridin'
  • 14.It's Hard to Tell the Married from the Free
  • 15.Did I Turn Down a Better Deal
  • 16.A Passing Love Affair
  • 17.I Married You for Love
  • 18.I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
  • 19.Be Honest With Me
  • 20.Under Suspicion
  • 21.I Want to Go Where No One Knows Me
  • 22.Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
  • 23.If You Can Walk Away
  • 24.Go on, Go On
  • 25.I Lost You After All
  • 26.It Scares Me Half to Death
  • 27.You're Just the Kind of Guy
  • 28.Too Late With the Roses
  • 29.The Other Woman
  • 30.Act Like a Married Man
  • 31.I Used to Love You
  • Tracks of Disc 3
  • 1.The Weak and the Strong
  • 2.You'd Better Go
  • 3.A Thief in the Night
  • 4.Memory
  • 5.I Love You Because
  • 6.You Win Again
  • 7.You Can't Break the Chains of Love
  • 8.Secret of Life
  • 9.Jealous Heart
  • 10.Sweet Temptation
  • 11.I'll Take the Blame
  • 12.I'll Never Be Free
  • 13.I'll Hold You in My Heart
  • 14.I Hate Myself
  • 15.You're Telling Me Sweet Lies Again
  • 16.He's My Baby
  • 17.Just Another Girl
  • 18.Jeopardy
  • 19.Are You Certain?
  • 20.Better Love Next Time
  • 21.Have Heart, Will Love
  • 22.Heartaches, Teardrops and Sorrow
  • 23.I Didn't Mean to Make You Cry
  • 24.Sweetheart Don't Come Back
  • 25.How Do I Tell It to a Child
  • 26.The One You Slip Around With
  • 27.The Mysteries of Life
  • 28.Did I Turn Down a Better Deal
  • 29.Root of All Evil, The (Is a Man)
  • 30.I'd Like to Know (Where People Can Go)
  • 31.Lonely Little World
  • Tracks of Disc 4
  • 1.I Don't Apologize for Loving You
  • 2.Mockin' Bird Hill
  • 3.Another
  • 4.Blues Stay Away from Me
  • 5.If You Haven't, You Can't Feel the Way I Do
  • 6.Under Your Spell Again
  • 7.The Waltz of the Angels
  • 8.One White Rose
  • 9.Big Midnight Special
  • 10.Your're the Only Good Thing (That's Happened to Me)
  • 11.Color Song, The (I Lost My Love)
  • 12.Got You on My Mind
  • 13.For the Children's Sake
  • 14.Nobody But Myself
  • 15.No One Knows
  • 16.Would You Be Satisfied?
  • 17.If You Were Losing Him to Me
  • 18.Second Best
  • 19.Two Voices, Two Shadows, Two Faces
  • 20.Go on With Your Dancing
  • 21.I Can't Seem to Say Goodbye
  • 22.So Wrong, So Fast
  • 23.How Long Does It Hurt (When a Heart Breaks)
  • 24.I Don't Remember
  • 25.Leave Me Alone
  • 26.The Biggest Cry
  • 27.I've Got to Talk to Mary
  • 28.It's Torture
  • 29.Your Conscience or Your Heart
  • 30.I Turned Right Around and Went Home
  • Tracks of Disc 5
  • 1.I've Learned to Live With You (And Be Alone)
  • 2.Nobody Like You
  • 3.Lake Lonely
  • 4.It's Never Too Late
  • 5.One Less Heartache
  • 6.A Tear Dropped By
  • 7.When Your House Is Not a Home
  • 8.I Can't Cry Him Away
  • 9.That's What Lonesome Is
  • 10.Foggy River
  • 11.When Two Worlds Collide
  • 12.Loose Talk
  • 13.I Can't Stop Loving You
  • 14.The Big Wheel
  • 15.Born to Lose
  • 16.If You've Got the Money (I've Got the Time)
  • 17.Half a Mind
  • 18.Cigarettes and Coffee Blues
  • 19.That's What It's Like to Be Lonesome
  • 20.The Violet and the Rose
  • 21.Just Call Me Lonesome
  • 22.Two Little Boys
  • 23.He Plays the Bongo (I Play the Banjo)
  • 24.Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)
  • 25.Nobody's Business
  • 26.It Was Too Late
  • 27.Someone's Gotta Cry
  • 28.Ain't You Ashamed
  • 29.Don't Take Advantage of Me
  • 30.Let Me Be the Judge
  • 31.More to Love Than This
  • 32.Franklin County Moonshine
  • Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes

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