George Formby Songs List

Ha! Ha! - 24 Great Comedy Songs [Import]
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George Formby also appears in this Compilation
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 2.Busy Doing Nothing
  • 3.Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)
  • 4.Triplets
  • 5.Lydia, The Tatooed Lady
  • 6.I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much)
  • 7.The Spaniard That Blighted My Life
  • 8.I'm My Own Grandpa
  • 10.Flat Foot Floogie
  • 11.Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)
  • 13.When I'm Cleaning Windows
  • 16.Everything Is Fresh Today
  • 17.The Laughing Policeman
  • 19.Trains (Parts 1 & 2)
Family Favourites [Import]
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George Formby also appears in this Compilation
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.The Laughing Policeman
  • 5.Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow-Wow
  • 7.The Teddy Bears' Picnic
  • 12.The Galloping Major
  • 14.The Haunted House
  • 16.Leaning On A Lamppost
  • 20.Coronation Scot
The Best of George Formby [22 Tracks]
Released in 1996
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  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.Auntie Maggie's Remedy
  • 2.Why Don't Women Like Me
  • 3.With My Little Ukelele In My Hand
  • 4.When I'm Cleaning Windows (The Window Cleaner)
  • 5.Chinese Laundry Blues
  • 6.Leaning On A Lamp Post
  • 7.With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock
  • 8.Swimmin' With The Wimmin'
  • 9.Mother What'll I Do Now
  • 10.In My Little Snapshot Album
  • 11.Mr Wu's A Window Cleaner Now
  • 12.Wedding Of Mr Wu
  • 13.Lancashire Toreador
  • 14.Our Sergeant Major
  • 15.Madame Moscovitch
  • 16.Sitting On The Ice In The Ice Rink
  • 17.I Told My Baby With The Ukelele
  • 18.It's Turned Out Nice Again
  • 19.Sitting On The Sands Allnight
  • 20.When I'm Cleaning Windows (The Window Cleaner) (2)
  • 21.Hid Tiddley Hi Ti Island
  • 22.Bless Em' All
That Ukulele Man! [Import]
Released in 1995
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  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.When I'm Cleaning Windows
  • 2.The Window Cleaner (No 2)
  • 3.Mr Wu's A Window Cleaner Now
  • 4.Sittin' On The Ice In The Ice Rink
  • 5.Swimmin' With The Wimmin'
  • 6.The Lancashire Toreador
  • 7.With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock
  • 8.Our Sergeant Major
  • 9.Hi - Tiddley - Hi - Ti Island
  • 10.Sitting On The Sands All Night
  • 11.Chinese Laundry Blues
  • 12.Madam Moscovitch
  • 13.In My Little Snapshot Album
  • 14.Mother, What'll I Do Now?
  • 15.Bless 'Em All
  • 16.With My Little Ukelele In My Hand
  • 17.I Told My Baby With My Ukelele
  • 18.Frigid Air Fanny
  • 19.Leaning On A Lamp - Post
  • 20.It's Turned Out Nice Again
100 Chart Busters (4-CD)
Released in 2006
List Price: $31.98
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George Formby also appears in this Compilation
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 4.John Henry
  • 10.Bonaparte's Retreat
  • 15.Happy Days Are Here Again
  • 18.Tea For Two
  • 22.Don't Blame Me
  • 24.What A Difference A Day Made
  • Tracks of Disc 2
  • 1.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  • 10.Leaning On A Lamp-Post
  • 11.Aura Lee
  • 19.You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
  • 21.When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
  • Tracks of Disc 3
  • 10.Don't Blame Me
  • 12.Rattlesnakin' Daddy
  • Tracks of Disc 4
  • 21.Tennessee Waltz
England's Famed Clown Prince of Song (5-CD Box
Released in 2004
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  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.The Man Was a Stranger to Me
  • 2.Rolling Around Piccadilly
  • 3.John Willie's Jazz Band
  • 4.I Parted My Hair in the Middle
  • 5.John Willie Come On
  • 6.I Always Was a Willing Young Lad
  • 7.All Going Back
  • 8.In the Congo
  • 9.Our House Is Haunted
  • 10.Do de O Do
  • 11.Chinese Laundry Blues
  • 12.The Old Kitchen Kettle
  • 13.I Told My Baby With the Ukulele
  • 14.If You Don't Want the Goods, Don't Maul 'Em
  • 15.John Willie at the Licensing Office, Parts 1 & 2
  • 16.I Could Make a Good Living at That
  • 17.Let's All Go to Reno
  • 18.Why Don't Women Like Me?
  • 19.Running Round the Fountain in Trafalgar Square
  • 20.Sitting on the Ice in the Ice Rink
  • 21.Levi's Monkey-Mike
  • 22.With My Little Ukulele in My Hand
  • 23.As the Hours and the Days and the Months and the Years Go By
  • Tracks of Disc 2
  • 1.She's Never Been Seen Since Then
  • 2.Swimmin' With the Wimmin
  • 3.Sunbathin' in the Park
  • 4.The Wedding of Mr Wu
  • 5.I Went All Hot and Cold
  • 6.Baby
  • 7.My Ukelele
  • 8.Believe It or Not
  • 9.In a Little Wigan Garden
  • 10.You Can't Keep a Growing Lad Down
  • 11.It's No Use Looking at Me
  • 12.John Willie's Jazz Band
  • 13.There's Nothing Proud About Me
  • 14.The Best of Schemes
  • 15.Madame Moskovitch
  • 16.John Willie Goes Carolling, Parts 1 & 2
  • 17.Fanlight Fanny
  • 18.The Fiddler Kept on Fiddling
  • 19.Share and Share Alike
  • 20.I Do Do Things, I Do
  • 21.The Pleasure Cruise
  • 22.The Isle of Man
  • 23.The Wash House at the Back
  • 24.Riding in the TT Races
  • Tracks of Disc 3
  • 1.Gallant Dick Turpin, Pts. 1 & 2
  • 2.A Farmer's Boy
  • 3.Radio Bungalow Town
  • 4.George Formby Medley, Parts 1 & 2
  • 5.Ring Your Little Bell
  • 6.Quick-Fire Medley
  • 7.The Window Cleaner
  • 8.Sitting on the Sands All Night
  • 9.Keep Your Seats Please
  • 10.Five and Twenty Years
  • 11.Dare-Devil Dick
  • 12.Bunkum's Travelling Show
  • 13.I'm a Froggie
  • 14.The Ghost
  • 15.Oh Dear Mother
  • 16.You're a Li-A-Ty
  • 17.When We Feather Our Nest
  • 18.With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock
  • 19.Hindoo Man
  • 20.Trailing Around in a Trailer
  • 21.Said the Little Brown Hen
  • 22.My Little Goat and Me
  • 23.Trailer for 'Keep Your Seats, Please'
  • Tracks of Disc 4
  • 1.The Lancashire Toreador
  • 2.My Plus Fours
  • 3.Easy-Going Chap
  • 4.The Window Cleaner, No 2
  • 5.Somebody's Wedding Day
  • 6.I Don't Like
  • 7.Keep Fit
  • 8.Biceps, Muscle and Brawn
  • 9.Leaning on a Lamp Post
  • 10.Hi-Tiddley-Hi-Ti Island
  • 11.Trailer for 'Keep Fit'
  • 12.You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
  • 13.She Can't Say No
  • 14.Remember Me
  • 15.Maybe I'll Find Somebody Else
  • 16.Does Your Dream Book Tell You That?
  • 17.Like the Big Pots Do
  • 18.I Blew a Little Blast on My Whistle
  • 19.Wunga Bunga Boo
  • 20.Have You Ever Heard This One?
  • 21.Springtime's Here Again
  • 22.Noughts and Crosses
  • 23.The Joo-Jah Tree
  • 24.Mother, What'll I Do Now?
  • 25.In My Little Snapshot Album
  • Tracks of Disc 5
  • 1.Our Sergeant-Major
  • 2.They Can't Fool Me
  • 3.It's in the Air
  • 4.Sitting Pretty With My Fingers Crossed
  • 5.Tan Tan Tivvy Tally-Ho
  • 6.I Wonder Who's Under Her Balcony Now
  • 7.Kiss Your Mansy Pansy
  • 8.Rhythm in the Alphabet
  • 9.Frigid Air Fanny
  • 10.Little Wooden Toolshed in the Garden
  • 11.Hill Billy Willie
  • 12.It's Turned Out Nice Again
  • 13.I Can Tell It by My Horoscope
  • 14.Hitting the High Spots
  • 15.Swing It, George, Parts1 & 2
  • 16.I'm the Husband of the Wife of Mr Wu
  • 17.It's a Grand and Healthy Life
  • 18.Goodnight, Little Fellow, Goodnight
  • 19.Pardon Me
  • 20.I'm Making Headway Now
  • 21.I Couldn't Let the Stable Down
  • 22.Dan, the Dairy Man
  • 23.The Blue-Eyed Blonde Next Door
  • 24.The Low-Down Lazy Turk
  • 25.The Lancashire Hot-Pot Swingers
The War and Post-War Years, Volume 2 (5-CD Box
Released in 2005
Out of Print
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.Swinging Along
  • 2.A Lad from Lancashire
  • 3.The Lancashire Romeo
  • 4.Imagine Me in the Maginot Line
  • 5.Grandad's Flannelette Nightshirt
  • 6.Mr Wu's a Window Cleaner Now
  • 7.Count Your Blessings and Smile
  • 8.Oh! Don't the Wind Blow Cold?
  • 9.You've Got Something There
  • 10.I Always Get to Bed by Hald-Past Nine
  • 11.On the Wigan Boat Express
  • 12.Down the Old Coal Hole
  • 13.I'm the Ukelele Man
  • 14.On the Beat
  • 15.Letting the New Year In
  • 16.Bless 'Em All
  • 17.Guarding the Home of the Home Guards
  • 18.I Wish I Was Back on the Farm
  • 19.Formby Favourites for the Forces, Pts. 1 & 2
  • 20.Thanks, Mr Roosevelt
  • 21.Bless 'Em All, Pt. 2
  • Tracks of Disc 2
  • 1.It Might Have Been a Great Deal Worse
  • 2.You've Be Far Better off in a Home
  • 3.I Did What I Could with My Gas Mask
  • 4.Delivering the Morning Milk
  • 5.The Emperor of Lancashire
  • 6.You Can't Go Wrong in These
  • 7.Auntie Maggie's Remedy
  • 8.You're Everything to Me
  • 9.I'd Do It with a Smile
  • 10.The Left-Hand Side of Egypt
  • 11.Who Are You A-Shoving Of?
  • 12.The Barmaid at the Rose and Crown
  • 13.I Played on My Spanish Guitar
  • 14.Swing Mama
  • 15.George Formby's Crazy Record, Pts. 1 & 2
  • 16.Formby Film Favourites, Pts. 1 & 2
  • 17.Katy Did, Katy Didn't
  • 18.Frank on His Tank
  • 19.Smile All the Time
  • 20.Out in the Middle East
  • Tracks of Disc 3
  • 1.Andy the Handy Man
  • 2.They Laughed When I Started to Play
  • 3.Talking to the Moon About You
  • 4.Got to Get Your Photo in the Press
  • 5.Mr Wu's an Air Raid Warden Now
  • 6.Sally the Salvage Queen
  • 7.Thirty Thirsty Sailors
  • 8.Hold Your Hats On
  • 9.The Cook House Serenade
  • 10.You Can't Love Two Girls at the Same Time
  • 11.Under the Blasted Oak
  • 12.When the Lads of the Village Get Crackin'
  • 13.When the Waterworks Caught Fire
  • 14.The Baby Show
  • 15.Home Guard Blues
  • 16.Oh! You Have No Idea
  • 17.Spotting on Top of Blackpool Tower
  • 18.Sentimental Lou
  • 19.British Isles Medley
  • 20.American Medley
  • 21.On the HMS Cowheel
  • 22.Bunty's Such a Big Girl Now
  • Tracks of Disc 4
  • 1.It Serves You Right (You Shouldn't Have Joined)
  • 2.If I Had a Girl Like You
  • 3.Swim, Little Fish
  • 4.Bell Bottom George
  • 5.The 'V' Sign Song
  • 6.The Old Cane Bottom Chair
  • 7.Our Fanny's Gone All Yankee
  • 8.Unconditional Surrender
  • 9.Blackpool Prom
  • 10.Mr Wu's in the Air Force
  • 11.The Darling Young Man
  • 12.I'd Like a Dream Like That
  • 13.She's Got Two of Everything
  • 14.Up in the Air and Down in the Dumps
  • 15.Excerpt from 'Get Cracking'
  • 16.You Don't Need a License for That
  • 17.The Mad March Hare
  • 18.It Could Be
  • 19.We've Been a Long Time Gone
  • 20.Auntie Maggie's Remedy
  • 21.Leaning on a Lamp Post
  • 22.When I'm Cleaning Windows
  • 23.Come Hither with Your Zither
  • Tracks of Disc 5
  • 1.Saving Up for Sally
  • 2.Pleasure Cruise
  • 3.Ordinary People
  • 4.Zip Goes a Million
  • 5.It Takes No Time to Fall in Love
  • 6.Nothing Breaks But the Heart
  • 7.Do de O Do
  • 8.Chineselaundryblues
  • 9.Baby
  • 10.You Can't Keep a Growing Lad Down
  • 11.You Can't Keep a Growing Lad Down
  • 12.It's No Use Looking at Me
  • 13.John Willie's Jazz Band
  • 14.There's Nothing Proud About Me
  • 15.Madame Moscovitch
  • 16.Sitting on the Sands All Night
  • 17.Dare-Devil Dick
  • 18.The Ghost
  • 19.Mother, What'll I Do Now?
  • 20.Hitting the High Spots
  • 21.Under the Blasted Oak
  • 22.Oh! You Have No Idea
  • 23.The 'V' Sign Song
Leaning On A Lamp Post (2-CD)
Released in 2007
Out of Stock
Save for Later
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.Leaning on a Lamp Post
  • 2.Chinese Laundry Blues
  • 3.Why Don't Women Like Me?
  • 4.Sitting on the Ice in the Ice Rink
  • 5.With My Little Ukulele in My Hand
  • 6.Swimmin' with the Wimmin
  • 7.It's No Use Looking at Me
  • 8.Fanlight Fanny
  • 9.We All Share and Share Alike
  • 10.Pleasure Cruise
  • 11.The Isle of Man
  • 12.Riding in the TT Races
  • 13.When I'm Cleaning Windows
  • 14.Oh Dear, Mother
  • 15.With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock
  • 16.Hindoo Man
  • 17.The Lancashire Toreador
  • 18.My Plus Fours
  • 19.Easy-Going Chap
  • 20.I Don't Like
  • 21.Hi-Tiddly-Hi-Ti Island
  • 22.You Can't Stop Me from Dreaming
  • 23.Like the Big Pots Do
  • 24.I Blew a Little Blast on My Whistle
  • 25.Springtime's Here Again
  • 26.Noughts and Crosses
  • Tracks of Disc 2
  • 1.In My Little Snapshot Album
  • 2.Our Sergeant-Major
  • 3.They Can't Fool Me
  • 4.It's in the Air
  • 5.I Wonder Who's Under Her Balcony Now?
  • 6.Hill Billy Willie
  • 7.It's Turned Out Nice Again
  • 8.Hitting the High Spots Now
  • 9.It's a Grand and Healthy Life
  • 10.I'm Making Headway Now
  • 11.I Couldn't Let the Stable Down
  • 12.The Lancashire Hot Pot Swingers
  • 13.Grandad's Flannelette Nightshirt
  • 14.Mr. Wu's a Window Cleaner Now
  • 15.Count Your Blessings and Smile
  • 16.Oh, Don't the Wind Blow Cold
  • 17.On the Wigan Boat Express
  • 18.On the Beat
  • 19.Bless 'Em All
  • 20.I Wish I Was Back on the Farm
  • 21.Delivering the Morning Milk
  • 22.Auntie Maggie's Remedy
  • 23.You're Everything to Me
  • 24.Andy the Handy Man
  • 25.You Don't Need a Licence for That
  • 26.It Could Be!
When I'm Cleaning Windows [Import]
Released in 2002
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.When Im Cleaning Windows
  • 2.Leaning On A Lampost
  • 3.Five and Twenty Years
  • 4.I Did What I Could With My Gas Mask
  • 5.Imagine Me In The Maginot Line
  • 6.A Lad From Lancashire
  • 7.Delivering The Morning Milk
  • 8.Noughts and Crosses
  • 9.On The Wigan Boat Express
  • 10.Pleasure Cruise
  • 11.Under The Blasted Oak
  • 12.Wunga Bunga Boo
  • 13.You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
  • 14.Sitting On The Sands All Night
  • 15.I Wonder Who's Under Her Balcony Now
  • 16.A Farmer's Boy
  • 17.Down The Old Coal Hole
  • 18.My Plus - Fours
  • 19.It's Turned Out Nice Again
  • 20.Goodnight Little Fellow Goodnight

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