Willie Kent Biography

24 February 1936, Sunflower, Mississippi, USA. Kent was brought up in Shelby, Mississippi, and was influenced by the blues he heard on the radio. He settled in Chicago in 1952 and was soon able to hear the top blues artists live in the clubs, although he was under-age. Kent began working as a singer in 1957 and started to play guitar the following year. He quickly switched to bass and formed his own group around 1959. As a bass player, Kent worked in the 60s with Hip Linkchain, Jimmy Dawkins, and Luther ‘Guitar Junior’ Johnson. In 1975, he shared a live album with Willie James Lyons for the MCM label, and he has subsequently had his intense, powerful vocals and bass playing issued on various labels. In the 90s he had settled with Delmark and produced some satisfying work with the Gents, although it was in 2002 that he produced one of his finest albums to date, Comin’ Alive.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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