West, Bruce & Laing Biography

This US trio was formed in 1972 by Leslie West (Leslie Weinstein, 22 October 1945, Forest Hills, New York, USA; guitar, vocals) and Corky Laing (b. Laurence Gordon Laing, 26 January 1948, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; drums) following the demise of Mountain, a heavy rock band renowned, as critics wrote, for sounding ‘more like Cream than Cream’. There was thus a sense of inevitability when Cream’s bass player, Jack Bruce (b. John Symon Asher, 14 May 1943, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland), joined the duo for this short-lived venture. West, Bruce And Laing completed two disappointing studio albums, neither of which matched the fire and purpose of the musicians’ previous conglomerations, despite aping their constituent parts. A disillusioned Bruce abandoned the project in the summer of 1973, although a posthumous live set was issued the following year. West and Laing remained together in Leslie West’s Wild West Show, before West re-formed Mountain in 1974. Bruce, meanwhile, resumed his maverick career.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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