Theory of A Deadman Biography

This hard rock band was formed in 2001 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by Tyler Connolly (26 August 1975, Delta, British Columbia, Canada; vocals/guitar), David Brenner (guitar), Dean Back (bass) and Tim Hart (drums). They were signed to fellow Canadian Chad Kroeger’s record label 604 Records after Connolly had given the Nickelback frontman a copy of their demo at an after show party. Kroeger and Connolly later collaborated on the b-side on the hugely successful single ‘Hero’, the theme for the first Spiderman movie. In 2002, Theory Of A Deadman released their self-titled debut album, recruiting Tim Hart as a session drummer. The record made the Billboard 200 and was notable for its country-influenced heavy rock sound. Stand-out tracks included the testosterone-fuelled single ‘Nothing Could Come Between Us’ and ‘Make Up Your Mind’.

Although the album was released very much in the shadow of the hugely successful Nickelback multi-platinum album Silver Side Up (to whom the band are often compared), Theory Of A Deadman built up a large enough fanbase to secure the release of 2004’s Gasoline. This was an equally solid, yet more diverse record, featuring Robin Diaz on drums. The band subsequently recruited Brent Fitz (b. 27 March 1970, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) as their live drummer.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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