The String Cheese Incident Biography

Next to grunge, the ‘jam band’ movement was probably the second most popular rock style to blossom in America during the 90s, as renowned acts such as Blues Traveler, the Dave Matthews Band, and Phish emerged, clearing the way for latter outfits such as the bluegrass-based String Cheese Incident. Originally formed during 1993 in Crested Butte, Colorado, the band soon realized that they would have a better shot at a musical career if they relocated to the bigger town of Boulder, which they soon did. After the move, the band settled on a permanent line-up, comprising Michael Kang (13 May 1971, South Korea; mandolin/violin), Bill Nershi (b. 16 September 1961, New York, USA; acoustic guitar), Keith Moseley (b. 5 February 1965, Oklahoma, USA; bass), Michael Travis (b. 20 April 1965, California, USA; percussion), and Kyle Hollingsworth (b. 2 March 1968, Maryland, USA; keyboards). Despite a rapidly growing fanbase, the quintet opted to focus completely on live work for the next few years. It was not until 1997 that the quintet felt the time was right to issue a studio album, Born On The Wrong Planet, via their own label, Sci Fidelity Records. They continued to issue studio albums (notably 1998’s ’Round The Wheel and 2001’s Outside Inside), but since the String Cheese Incident are first and foremost a live band their in-concert releases remain the most faithful document of the band on CD. Taking a leaf right out of Pearl Jam’s book, the quintet have begun issuing a CD for each date of their tours (the On The Road series). Additionally, a String Cheese Incident remix album was issued in 2000, attributed to fellow Colorado resident, DJ Harry, and Nershi records with guitarist/singer Liza Oxnard as Billy And Liza.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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