The Deighton Family Biography

This seven-piece family group comprises Dave Deighton (26 March 1943, Sheffield, Yorkshire England; vocals, guitar, melodeon, fiddle, harmonica), his wife Josie (b. 27 June 1950, Bandung, Indonesia; guitar, bodhran), and their children Maya (b. 11 April 1968, Breda, Holland; whistle, flute), Arthur (b. 7 January 1972, Breda, Holland; guitar, mandolin), Kathleen (b. 27 January 1973, Sheffield, England; fiddle), Rosalie (b. 26 July 1976, Breda, Holland; fiddle, mandolin, percussion, vocals) and Angelina (b. 6 September 1983, Barnsley, Yorkshire, England; boogie). Their music has been described as ‘South Yorkshire/Indonesian/Dutch/Cajun folk pop’. The group started performing around 1981 when they appeared at the Leeds Festival. Prior to this Dave had been working as a musician in rock bands. He met Josie while in Holland, in the early 70s, and stayed there for 10 years, continuing to play in Europe. As a group they have played nearly all of the major festivals in Europe and the UK. Acoustic Music To Suit Most Occasions received good reviews when released and was voted Album Of The Year by National Radio in the USA. As a result of this publicity they landed a five and a half week tour of the USA and Canada. In 1989, whilst on tour, they played at the prestigious Edmonton Festival in Canada, which helped the group reach an even wider audience. In 1993, Rosalie and Kathleen joined with Julie Matthews, Kathryn Roberts, Kate Rusby and Pat Shaw for the release of Intuition, released on the Fat Cat label.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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