The Casket Lottery Biography

Modelling their sound after post-hardcore/emo trailblazers such as Fugazi and the Get Up Kids, the Kansas City, Missouri, USA based Casket Lottery began as a side band before transforming into a full-time proposition. The initial idea for the band was hatched by Nathan Ellis (guitar/vocals) during summer 1997 while touring as a member of Coalesce. Realizing that he shared the same musical interests as Coalesce’s bass player Stacy Hilt, the idea of forming a side band was discussed but appeared to have been extinguished when Hilt left at the end of the tour. In Hilt’s absence, Ellis moved over to fill his vacated spot, but by 1999, the band’s members decided to go their separate ways, which left Ellis in search of a gig. Ellis rang up his old friend Hilt, who was passing the time playing rhythm guitar for a pop punk outfit, and expressed interest in playing once more with his former bandmate. With newcomer Nathan ‘Junior’ Richardson (drums) rounding out the band, the Casket Lottery emerged soon afterwards. Despite their first few stabs at songwriting not being exactly up to par, the trio soon gelled and signed a recording contract with the Second Nature label. They issued their debut, Choose Bronze, in 1999. Further studio albums followed, 2000’s Moving Mountains and 2002’s Survival Is For Cowards, before Coalesce regrouped for a reunion tour. A year later, a compilation of Casket Lottery songs previously available only on single releases and various artist albums was issued.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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