Sherrié Austin Biography

Sherrie Veronica Krenn, 28 August 1970, Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Austin is another example of the 90s vogue for ‘model country’ - a beautiful young woman who sings a mixture of rock and country music. A comparison can be made with Olivia Newton-John as both come from Australia, but Austin’s major influences are Faith Hill and Fleetwood Mac. Her first shot at fame came in 1985 when she opened for Johnny Cash in Australia, but on relocating to America two years later she found employment as an actress, playing Pippa McKenna in NBC’s The Facts Of Life. She also appeared in several movies and collaborated with Phil Radford in the pop act Colourhaus, singing lead vocals on their 1992 release Water To The Soul. She moved from Hollywood to Nashville the following year and, as Sherrié Austin, was signed by Arista Records. She had a country hit with the breezy ‘Lucky In Love’ (1997) and then with ‘Never Been Kissed’ (1999), which, with a dance remix, topped the country sales chart. Austin writes most of her material and has faith in her ballad, ‘That’s No Way To Break A Heart’, as it has been included on her first two albums. She appeared as Bonnie on Broadway, in a limited run stage production of The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde in 2005.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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