Seven Mary Three Biography

This US alternative rock band made their breakthrough when a copy of their 1995 debut CD, Churn, was passed to a disc jockey at WJRR, a commercial radio station broadcasting from Orlando, Florida. As a result of their championing of the track ‘Cumbersome’, Seven Mary Three were headhunted and signed by Mammoth Records. Comprising Jason Ross (vocals/guitar), Casey Daniel (bass), both natives of Orlando, and Jason Pollock (guitar) and Giti Khalsa (drums), the band formed in 1992 when Ross and Pollock were attending the College Of William And Mary. After recruiting Daniel and Khalsa, Seven Mary Three embarked on a rigorous touring schedule, increasing their popularity in the Virginia and Florida regions. With a growing live reputation, the band elected to base their activities permanently in Florida. Their debut CD was independently produced after the band members pooled resources and borrowed money from friends. After Mammoth had offered the band a recording contract they entered Morrisound Studios in Tampa to re-record their debut as American Standard, an album that drew strong reviews throughout the US alternative rock press.

Despite mixed reviews for subsequent album releases Rock Crown and Orange Ave. , Seven Mary Three managed to build a strong core following in the mainstream. New guitarist Thomas Juliano (who replaced Pollock) made his debut on 2001’s The Economy Of Sound, which jettisoned the vestiges of the band’s grunge sound in favour of crowd pleasing hard rock. The quartet relocated to the DRT Entertainment label for the release of the follow-up, Dis/Location.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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