Semisonic Biography

Formed in Minneapolis, Semisonic comprises Jacob Slichter (drums), John Munson (bass) and Dan Wilson (guitar/vocals, ex-Trip Shakespeare). It was Wilson’s harrowing lyrics, reinforced by innovative guitar samples and superb production, that dominated the band’s 1996 debut, Great Divide. One of the singles extracted from it, ‘F.N.T.’, featured on the soundtrack to the hit movie The Long Kiss Goodnight. The follow-up collection, Feeling Strangely Fine, broke into the US Top 50. It was a quieter, less strained effort, described by Wilson himself as ‘an after hours record’. The lead-off single, fittingly titled ‘Closing Time’, featured piano (played by Munson) and strings (arranged by Slichter), became an American smash. Another single, the wistful ‘Secret Smile’, provided the band with a surprise transatlantic hit. The band’s third album All About Chemistry was greatly anticipated, and received good reviews when it was released in spring 2001, with the UK’s Q magazine bestowing five stars. Once the dust had settled, however, most listeners were disappointed and longed to put Feeling Strangely Fine back on the turntable.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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