Ronny & The Daytonas Biography

This Nashville, USA-based surf rock outfit was primarily the vehicle for the songwriting talents of John ‘Bucky’ Wilkin (26 April 1946, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; guitar/vocals). He was joined in a fluid line-up by a number of musicians, including Bergen White, Buzz Cason, Bobby Russell, Lee Kraft, Don Henderson, Paul Jensen and Lynn Williams. Avid fans of surf and hot rod music, the group succeeded with the latter genre when ‘GTO’ reached the US Top 5 in 1964. This homage to a beloved stock car eventually sold in excess of 1 million, but the group was unable to repeat this success. They did enjoy minor hits with ‘California Bound’, ‘Bucket T’ (later covered by the Who), and ‘Sandy’, but had become too closely associated with a passing trend to enjoy a long career.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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