Richard "Dimples" Fields Biography

1942, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, d. 12 January 2000, Los Angeles, California, USA. Fields earned the nickname ‘Dimples’ from a female admirer who remarked that he was always smiling. Fields began singing in the early 70s, purchasing a San Francisco cabaret, the Cold Duck Music Lounge, and installing himself as its entertainment. He began recording for his own DRK Records label during this period. Each of his three albums for DRK (Dat Richfield Kat) sold reasonably well and Fields signed to Neil Bogart’s Boardwalk Records in 1981. His first chart single was that year’s ‘Earth Angel’, a remake of the 1954 Penguins ballad. His biggest hit was 1982’s ‘If It Ain’t One Thing... It’s Another’, an R&B number 1, which became his only crossover pop chart hit. Two albums, 1981’s Dimples and the following year’s Mr. Look So Good!, also reached the charts, but Boardwalk folded as his third album for the company, Give Everybody Some!, was released in 1983, destroying any chance of success. Fields signed with RCA Records in 1984 and recorded two albums for that label before he was dropped. Further recordings, often under the name Dimples, followed for CBS Records, Life and Owch, but Fields never managed to restore his commercial profile. His death in January 2000 was the result of a stroke.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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