Revenge Biography

Formed in Manchester in 1987, and one of four offshoots featuring ‘resting’ members of New Order, Peter Hook (13 February 1956, Salford, Lancashire, England) was initially joined by David Hicks (ex-Southern Death Cult; Lavolta Lakota; guitar) and CJ (Hook’s studio engineer, who had previously worked with the Chameleons and the Fall). The band was started because: ‘Hooky likes playing gigs’, and they performed their debut at London’s Skin 2 Bondage Club in 1990. By this time, they featured drummer Ashley Taylor and bass player David Potts, who had worked in Hook’s Suite 16 studio. Unlike the more successful Electronic, the first releases by Revenge garnered mediocre reviews at best. The album was prefaced by disappointing singles ‘7 Reasons’ and ‘Pineapple Face’. The third single, ‘I’m Not Your Slave’, came closest to familiar New Order territory and was the best of the bunch, featuring Hook’s characteristic tugging bass. However, like its predecessors, it failed to make the UK charts. One True Passion garnered mixed reviews. Some critics pointed to song titles such as ‘Surf Nazi’ and the ‘I’m Not Your Slave’ single as recalling the flirtation with fascist imagery that had dogged Joy Division and New Order. Hook and Potts later reunited in Monaco.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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