Ray, Goodman & Brown Biography

Al Goodman (31 March 1947, Jackson, Mississippi, USA), Harry Ray (b. 15 December 1946, Longbranch, New Jersey, USA; d. 1 October 1992) and William Brown (b. 30 June 1946, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA). This smooth soul trio had 27 R&B hits as the Moments. While waiting for the outcome of legal wranglings with Sylvia Robinson’s Stang Records, they recorded backing vocals on two successful Millie Jackson albums. When it was decided that Stang owned the name the Moments, the trio joined Polydor Records in 1979 under their own surnames. Their first single, their own composition, ‘Special Lady’, reached the US Top 5 and their debut album, which they co-produced with Vince Castellano, made the Top 20. Ray, Goodman & Brown II made the US Top 100 and their revival of the Platters’ ‘My Prayer’ narrowly missed the Top 40. Ray left in 1982 and made an unsuccessful solo album on Sylvia Robinson’s Sugarhill Records label. He rejoined the trio in 1983 and they had some success with Panoramic Records. In 1986 they signed to EMI Records when they had their last R&B Top 10 hit with ‘Take It To The Limit’.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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