Quickspace Biography

Tom Cullinan (vocals/guitar) formed this London, England-based band, originally titled Quickspace Supersport, in 1994 after the collapse of his former outfit, the much-lauded Faith Healers. Quickspace Supersport were derailed when guitarist Wendy Harper, drummer Max Corradi, and keyboard player Barry Stilwell walked out over disagreements regarding with whom they should sign, having already released a single on the Love Train label and the Superplus EP on Domino Records. Despite major label interest, Cullinan had unilaterally decided to continue to issue the band’s records on his own Kitty Kitty label. The break-up came on the eve of a London showcase alongside the Grifters. Bass player Sean Newsham decided to stay on, and together with Cullinan he recruited Nina Pascale (guitar), Paul Shilton (keyboards) and Chin (drums), and shortened the band’s name to Quickspace. The band then set about establishing its reputation with a series of 7-inch singles before recording their self-titled debut album. The music - an anglicized version of Krautrock without the emotional detachment, blended with alternative pop elements - won over many critics. Despite their startling, charming lack of ambition, frequently manifested in press interviews where they are loathe to endorse even their own products, Quickspace have subsequently proved themselves natural heirs to Stereolab as the UK’s premier avant garde pop band. Steve d’Enton replaced Chin in 1998, although the latter’s drumming was featured on the band’s second album, Precious Falling.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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