Mound City Blue Blowers Biography

Formed in 1924 by Red McKenzie as a novelty group, the Mound City Blue Blowers expanded to include Eddie Lang, with whom they visited London in the mid-20s. Later the band became a more orthodox, and often much larger, dixieland outfit under McKenzie’s leadership. In its bigger form the band was occasionally home in the late 20s to leading musicians such as Eddie Condon, Gene Krupa, Glenn Miller and Jack Teagarden. McKenzie continued to record under this collective title into the mid-30s, using artists including Yank Lawson, Bob Haggart, Dave Tough and Bunny Berigan. Although the band’s first record, ‘Arkansas Blues’, in 1924, was its biggest seller, the finest jazz performance came at a 1929 session featuring Coleman Hawkins, which included ‘Hello Lola’ and the classic ‘If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight’.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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