Marcie Blane Biography

21 May 1944, Brooklyn, New York, USA. The daughter of a musician and one-time music teacher, she was signed to Marv Holtzman’s Seville label shortly after graduating from high school in 1962. She found instant but short-lived fame when her debut single, the infectious and cute pop song ‘Bobby’s Girl’, took her to number 3 in the US singles chart in 1962. She had a minor US hit with her follow-up, ‘What Does A Girl Do?’, and she tried unsuccessfully to repeat her hit formula later with similar songs such as ‘Bobby Did’. In the UK her hit was covered successfully by Susan Maughan and had a new lease of life in the 80s when used to advertise potato crisps. Blane, who never felt at home performing live, soon dropped out of the music business. In the 90s she was working at a New York arts theatre and is married with two children.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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