Little Angels Biography

This UK heavy rock quintet was formed in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England, during 1985, originally under the title Mr Thrud. Comprising Tony Jepson (vocals), Bruce John Dickinson (10 May 1968, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Scotland; guitar), Mark Plunkett (bass), Jimmy Dickinson (keyboards) and Dave Hopper (drums), they were a youthful outfit, whose energy and enthusiasm in the live setting won them a loyal fanbase in their native north-east. Following a series of independent releases, notably 1987’s seven-track debut Too Posh To Mosh, they attracted the attention of Polydor Records. Don’t Prey For Me, which featured new drummer Michael Lee, included a dozen gems of melodic, but roughshod, rock ‘n’ roll, characterized by Jepson’s raucous and charismatic vocals. The big-budget follow-up, mixed by the Steve Thompson/Michael Barbiero partnership, was a disappointment. Abandoning their roots, this set saw them make a concerted attempt to break into the American FM radio market. Internal disputes began to manifest themselves in 1991. Drummer Michael Lee secretly auditioned for the Cult, and was ejected from the band as a result. His replacement was Mark Richardson. Jam regained much of the lost ground in 1993, entering the UK charts at number 1 and winning them the support slot on Van Halen’s European tour. However, having found their niche, they nevertheless elected to go their separate ways in 1994. The Dickinsons moved on to b.l.o.w. , while Richardson joined Skunk Anansie.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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